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Train Accident In Bihar – Reactions Unbelievable

Bihar Train Accident Reaction  By Renin RajA news that kept me thinking for the good part of the day today. Thirty seven people, mostly women and children, were killed in Bihar today August 19th, 2013, when an express train ploughed into pilgrims standing on rail tracks at a poorly connected area in the Bihar state’s Khagaria district, around 160 km from Patna.

Those killed were mostly kanwarias or devotees of Lord Shiva, who were crossing the tracks at the Dhamara Ghat station in Katyani Sthan, to visit a popular Shiva temple. They had exited another train, when the Rajyarani Express train from Saharsa, travelling at a speed of 80 km/hour on its way to Patna, ran them over. Some reports say the passengers were trying to stop the train, which was not scheduled to halt at the station.

What followed was horrific –

  • A violent mob assaulted the train driver, set trains on fire, vandalized the station and held railway staff hostage, prompting appeals for calm from both Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and state Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.
  • Bodies lay on rail tracks for hours as a rampaging mob made it difficult for rescue and relief teams to reach the spot, which is accessible only by the rail route. Railway personnel reportedly hid or ran away, leaving the station completely unmanned for some time. Train services were suspended on the route.
  • “It is the rarest of rare incidents,” said the Chief Minister, who said post postmortems would be conducted on the spot.
  • All this happened in spite of The railway authorities saying “the train was running on its scheduled route Saharsa to Patna and was not scheduled to stop at the Dhamara station”. “It’s a three-track station. Two trains were already standing at the station. and the crowd was moving on the third track. A super fast train was coming on that track and they were run over,”

Chief Minister Mr.Nitish Kumar said that officials are facing difficulties in reaching the accident spot. “There’s no proper road network to reach the train mishap spot, so there is delay in reaching there. But we are making all efforts,” This seems to be the common answer these days when anything happens in Bihar.

Were the pilgrims thinking that the trains can be stoppped according to their will and pleasure? Can’t there be some discipline on train track,at least in the interest of their own lives? Train tracks are not like roads, where the vehicle can be changed from one lane to another lane. Unless there is awareness among the public,such unfortunate accidents will continue. Unfortunate incident, but whom to blame? People must realize that sometimes foolishness can cost this much. You can burn train, beat railway staff; but the precious life is gone. It is always better not to cross the track or not try to stop a train, if that is what they were doing; than burning a train or beating the railway staff.

Bihar Train Accident Reaction  By Renin RajAs usual bunch of Idiots ! They go off the wrong place just to avoid a long walking instead took a short cut to Death ! Indians love to Rampage and what wrong did the driver do ? he was simply doing his duty and he gets beaten up black and blue. How was the Engine driver responsible for this mishap ? The train had a clear signal, was driving within the prescribed limit of 80kmph and these uncivilized came on the track side from the 2 standing trains and the poor motorman had to pay with his life.

It was such an unfortunate accident, to some extent the railway station workers are responsible, if they were aware of an express train coming they should have cleared the public. But having said that who on earth would keep standing on a railway track, it was suicidal and irresponsibility of the public that lead to their death…furthermore they also destroyed public property which is equally condemnable.

Last but not the least, Let me get this straight, its a bunch of mooncalfs walking on the train track, the train ran them over, and everyone got angry and beat up the driver?Seriously? There are now two types of people in India the fruitcakes and the retards. Can’t believe this country produces some geniuses, this is sad. What were they expecting, the train slowly follow them on the track?

Having said all this my heart feels for the people who have lost their precious life. Heartfelt condolences.


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