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Mail From Dr.Shashi Tharoor

Dr. Shashi Tharoor Mail - Renin RajHello Friends..

From last few days we have been seeing Dr.Shashi Tharoor in
and out in all news channels.. Starting from Local to national and
to International news channels. Reasons you all know very well. Somewhere in one of the news channel it so happened they
just flashed Dr.Tharoor’s mail id. I quickly made a note of it. (DON’T ASK ME TO DISCLOSE IT.. AM SORRY !!).
Its from that day i have been waiting to mail Dr.Tharoor
and express my full heartfelt support and wanted to tell him how much i adore him for a wonderful human being he is.

I was one of the first 100 followers to follow Dr.Tharoor even on Twitter. Am so lucky that couple of my own tweets were
even Re-tweeted by Dr.Tharoor.

I Always wanted to mail Dr.Tharoor, but felt a person of his caliber and a person so busy, will he ever reply back to a common man like me. Thats where he proved me wrong friends. Yes, my dear friends i sent him a two line mail and i get a three para reply mail in return from his Blackberry.

We all know how painful it is to type message in phone.. and when a person like Dr.Tharoor who is so busy, takes his valuable time to mail from his Blackberry and a mail as long as three paras shows how simple a man he is.

I just could not control my happiness, went around in office telling all my colleagues about the wonderful feeling which i encountered. Set my Gtalk status, Facebook status everything to “On Top of the World Having received a Personal Mail from Dr.Shashi Tharoor.”

I know by now, you all would be eager to read those few lines what Dr.Tharoor mailed me right.. So here it is friends.

Dr. Shashi Tharoor Mail - Renin Raj

How exciting it is right friends.. i am ending this post with prayers in my heart and batting for Dr.Shashi Tharoor from the very bottom of my heart. I really feel the New India Needs Him. We need you Sir.. At least i need you Sir. So here i am ending the post having sent another mail to Dr.Tharoor. Hopefully i am lucky again to get his reply. Will keep you all informed my dear friends…

Your Rock Sir… India will surely rock under your leadership very soon..

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